Mission statement

The fundamental purpose of Isegen South Africa is to continue to enhance the value of the business for the sake of all stakeholders. These stakeholders are the shareholders; the employees; the customers; the suppliers and service providers; as well as both the central and local government entities.

This will be achieved by

  • Continuing to hold the position of best favoured supplier to the South African market for Food Acidulants, Plasticisers and Anhydrides.
  • Ensuring that all processes and practices are World Class by benchmarking our processes and procedures against world best-in-class.
  • Taking great care of the environment as a leader in Health, Safety, and Environmental affairs amongst local industry and the community.
  • Subscribing to a Fair Trade policy and subscribing to Employment Equity guidelines;
  • Adopting uncompromising ethical standards and good Corporate Governance principles, incorporating triple bottom line reporting on financial, social and environmental matters;
  • Providing legendary service to all our customers with no compromise on quality and delivery.
  • Establishing strategic local and international strategic alliances and business partnerships.
  • Embarking upon continuous improvement programs
  • Identify and build on competencies and competitive advantages
  • Constantly monitoring the external environment

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