Mission Statement

The fundamental purpose of Isegen South Africa is to continue to enhance the value of the business for the sake of all stakeholders. These stakeholders are the shareholders; the employees; the customers; the suppliers and service providers; as well as both the central and local government entities.

This will be achieved by

Continuing to hold the position of most favoured supplier to the South African market for Food AcidulantsPlasticisers and Anhydrides.

Ensuring that all processes and practices are World Class by benchmarking our processes and procedures against world best-in-class.

Taking great care of the environment as a leader in Health, Safety, and Environmental affairs amongst local industry and the community.

Subscribing to a Fair Trade policy and subscribing to Employment Equity guidelines;

Adopting uncompromising ethical standards and good Corporate Governance principles, incorporating triple bottom line reporting on financial, social and environmental matters;

Providing legendary service to all our customers with no compromise on quality and delivery.

Establishing strategic local and international strategic alliances and business partnerships.

Embarking upon continuous improvement programs

Identify and build on competencies and competitive advantages

Constantly monitoring the external environment