ISEGEN South Africa (Pty) Ltd is the sole manufacturer of

Food Acidulants, Phthalic and Maleic Anhydrides (PA and MA)

and Plasticisers in South Africa

Isegen South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Favoured Supplier

The sole manufacturer of Food Acidulants, Phthalic and Maleic Anhydrides.

World Class

Ensuring that all processes and practices are World Class.

Health & Safety

Taking great care of the environment as a leader in Health, Safety, and Environmental  affairs.

Fair Trade

Subscribing to a Fair Trade policy and subscribing to Employment Equity guidelines.

Ethical Standards

Adopting uncompromising ethical standards and good Corporate Governance principles.

Quality and Delivery

Providing legendary service to all our customers with no compromise on quality and delivery.

Strategic Alliances

Establishing strategic local and international strategic alliances and business partnerships.

Improvement Programs

Embarking upon continuous improvement programs.

About us

ISEGEN South Africa (Pty) Ltd The sole manufacturer of Food Acidulants, Phthalic and Maleic Anhydrides (PA and MA), and Plasticisers in South Africa

and a world leader in the manufacture of Malic and Fumaric Acid dating back from 1974 with Production facilities in   

  • Germiston
  • Gauteng
  • Isipingo, Durban
    Head Office

ISEGEN South Africa


The Manufacture of Phthalic Anhydride (PA) in South Africa, dates back to mid-1950, and the manufacture of…

Malic Acid

Food Acids in the Human Body and Krebs cycle Specifications DL Malic acid is a synthesized white…


Isegen South Africa will: Grow to be the most favoured and respected exporter of Food Acidulants worldwide,…


Grades • Certificates • Packaging Di-Ethyl Hexyl PhthalateISO 9001 : 2015liquid bulk: minimum 5 MT dropISO 14001…

Traded products

Isegen supplies the following Traded Products: PentaerythritolMono25kg bags PentaerythritolMono Micronised20/25 Kg / 1MT Bags PentaerythritolNitration25 Kg Bags…

Fumaric Acid

Information Fumaric acid is known as a trans-butenedioic acid and is an unsaturated dicarboxylic acid.  It is…

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    37 years of experience, in this industry

    Malic Acid
    Fumaric Acid
    Chlorinated Parafin PW55
    Di Butyl Maleate
    Di Methyl Phthalate
    Chlorinated Paraffins